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About us

Words from the Director

about-1The Institute for Intellectual Property in Asia is, among other things, a clearing house for information relating to intellectual property protection in Asia. It is founded by Elizabeth Chien-Hale, a U.S. licensed IP attorney based in San Jose, California and in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. Ms. Chien-Hale has work experiences in and cultural knowledge of several Asian countries.


This Institute aims to help companies in Asia or North America to acquire cross-border intellectual property protection, and to resolve IP disputes. It also introduces technology trends and provides latest legislative updates in Asia and North American, mainly China and the United States. In the past, some have ignored cross-border IP protection or its usefulness. While this may have been true historically, the IP landscape has changed. The majority of Asian countries, despite the late start, have steadily made progress in boosting protection for inventive ideas made domestically and overseas. The Institute achieves its missions by, organizing seminars, leading cross-Pacific delegation exchanges for IP holders, and providing timely updates through the BLOG.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming conferences and seminars sponsored by this Institute or other organizations on the topic of intellectual property protection will be announced at this web site.

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Web Site Information

This information provided by this web site will have more emphasis on the latest state of IP protection available in Asian countries, because the information on IP protection in North America and Europe is readily available in many other web sites.

The Institute will post articles provided by Asian practitioners at this web site. In addition, a number of useful links are provided which will refer the readers to other helpful web sites.

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Additional Resources:

Eventually, this Institute hopes to have an on-site library to host a collection of books and treaties relating to intellectual property rights in Asia and in North America. Until there, a number of links to digital libraries hosted by various universities are available at the LIBRARY Section of the RESOURCES page.

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